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Tips on Using Over the Counter Dog Anxiety Medication

Tips on Using Over the Counter Dog Anxiety Medication

Dealing with an anxious dog is normal for almost every pet owner. Whether it’s separation anxiety, noise phobia from thunderstorm or fireworks, car travel motion sickness or anything else, there are ways you can help your pooch deal with the discomfort. With some extremely sensitive and anxious dogs you may need to do this to avoid them running away, getting lost or injuring themselves. Over the counter dog anxiety medication is one of the several options available for this.

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Identify a Need for Anxiety Medication First

Many times people assume that a dog who gets a little excited and jumps up and down needs medication, but this isn’t necessarily true. Before you go out and buy a pack of dog anxiety medication over the counter, ask yourself a few pertinent questions:

  • Is your dog a danger to themselves or others when they’re anxious?
  • Does the dog have issues with upset stomach, diarrhea when they’re anxious?
  • Are they chewing through doors or breaking windows in order to escape the home when you leave?

If the answer to most of these is yes, your dog just may benefit from a light over the counter anxiety medication. The 4th of July is a great example of why some pets should definitely need some help controlling their fear and anxiety. Fireworks are terrifying for some canines, and you can expect Independence Day to bring with it Craigslist ads that are full of lost and found pets.

Animals that are scared or sense an immediate threat of danger will chew through doors, walls, and windows to escape. In addition to being hit by cars once they escape, many dogs cut themselves or otherwise injure themselves on metal garage doors and glass.

Dogs like this, if they aren’t going to be supervised during holidays that involve fireworks, need to be secured and given some anxiety relief, whether it’s toys for anxiety, over the counter dog anxiety medication, calming collar or anxiety vest. If you choose medication, there are a few things you must know before you start shopping around.

Benadryl is a Good Place to Start

Even though Benadryl is most often used for allergies, it’s very common for pet owners to give it to their dogs as a means to calm them down. The recommended dose for this is 1 mg per pound of dog’s body weight. Benadryl generally comes in 25 mg tablets. So if you have a smaller dog, it’s best to speak with a veterinarian before giving your dog any Benadryl.

This medication is also used for things like motion sickness during car travel, fear of thunderstorms and fireworks, and many owners provide it for the caretakers in pet hotels in case their dog needs some helping relaxing.

Try Out Natural Ingredients

Some pet owners are worried about…

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