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What Are Running Shoes for Dogs and Do Dogs Really Need Them?

What Are Running Shoes for Dogs and Do Dogs Really Need Them
What Are Running Shoes for Dogs and Do Dogs Really Need Them

If you are an avid runner, then you are already aware of how important running shoes are for this sport. But if you’d also like to take your dog running with you, you might rightfully wonder how to protect his paws from possible injuries or damage from running on asphalt. That’s where dog running shoes come in.

What Are Running Shoes for Dogs?

As the name implies, running shoes for dogs, or running booties as they are also called, are not the same as regular dog shoes intended for short walks. Regular, “almost decorative” dog booties look more like human shoes and they are not made to sustain so much use from running. Due to the design of regular dog booties, they could hurt your dog’s paws if they try to run in them for a prolonged period of time.

Needless to say, running dog shoes look nothing like running shoes for people. They’re more like protective socks and they are usually made from durable, weather resistant materials. Dog running booties typically come with a hook and loop fastener found at the top. They are often available in bright, neon colors and have reflective strips to make your dogs more visible when they jog with you.

There are several popular brands of running shoes for dogs, such as:

Do Dogs Need Running Shoes?

Dogs can get injured or sustain paw damage when they run on different types of surfaces. The paw pads of their feet are not hard enough for asphalt, like horse’s hooves for example. They are rather soft and prone to damage. Running in winter can be even more dangerous for the pet, especially if there is snow and ice.

There are many things that can go wrong if your pooch doesn’t have any protection when he’s running. For example, your dog’s paws can get cut, his pads can wear out and start to hurt, he can slip on wet surfaces, his paws can become sore if you run on hard pavement, and more. In general, running on hard surfaces for longer can put a lot of pressure on your pet’s feet and even lead to leg and hip injuries.

Competitive racing is another common reason for getting running shoes for a dog. Many dog races, including the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race, require wearing protective running booties for all dogs in the race. This means that dog running shoes will not interfere with your canine’s ability to run.

The best dog shoes for running provide protection from injuries like scratches, cuts and scrapes, as well from extreme temperatures. They will keep your dog’s sensitive paw pads and other areas of his feet safe. When you choose the right canine booties for your pooch you need to ensure that they fit him properly and that they are comfortable.

How to Teach Your Dog to Wear Running Shoes

Some dogs will have a hard time getting used to new running shoes, or even wearing them for the first time. Your Fido may outright refuse to wear them. There are ways to get your pup used to wearing shoes, and things to consider when shopping for them.

The shoes you choose must be exactly the right size, so measure your dog’s paws properly beforehand. Measure the width and length of your dog’s paws and get…

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